Hello There and Welcome!

Hello there and welcome to my personal website and online store ๐Ÿ‘‹. My name is David Saul Rodriguez and I’m just a regular guy that recently started developing universal website themes, as well as plugins, and theme templates for WordPress. There isn’t much on this website (at the time of this post) right now, but the plan is to build it up! Slowly but surely, of course.

I am on a personal journey to becoming a full fledged web developer and Linux software developer. This will be a self taught endeavor and I hope that you will join me in it. At the very least, this website will be a way for me to collectively gather my thoughts, suggestions, tips, opinions, and experiences in a chronological format (essentially, a blog).

Seeing as I am free to express myself in any way that I choose and I don’t have to worry about violating any site’s TOS, nor my account being banned or deleted. I will be sharing my knowledge of what I learn in both software and web development as well as how I use FreeBSD and Linux in my daily life.

A Fair Warning To All: I am far from an expert and just a simple novice. Expect my knowledge to be limited!

I do not expect to gain much of a following from this and in all honesty, I expect failure out of this project when it comes to building a following or even selling any of my themes, plugins, or physical merchandise. But, I am an optimistic person by nature and will still give my all to this!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I wish nothing but the best for you all!

Happy Coding,
David S. Rodriguez II

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