About Me

Hello, I’m David Saul Rodriguez


I am a 28 year old self taught Web Developer, Linux Enthusiast and Open Source Advocate. Welcome to my personal blog*.

*(this site doubles as a store to purchase my Website templates, WordPress themes, and plugins.)

I am no one special. I am just a regular guy that works regular jobs and just absolutely loves Web Development. I have no professional experience in this field at all. In fact, I only have one project under my belt. It was for a small business in my hometown of Bridgeport, CT and you can check it out here.

If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I absolutely love Linux. I am evangelist of it and I use it absolutely every single day. I love to spend my spare time creating fun little projects and making all kinds of websites.

When I’m not “playing developer”, I like to go out on hikes, spend all day being lazy; basking in the sun at the beach, and fantasize about what it will be like when I finally find my soulmate. Yeah, I’m kind of a hopeless romantic.

“What’s the goal of this site?”, you ask?

Well that’s simple. It’s just my own little corner of the web. It’s the place that I come to when I want to express myself. When I want to share any thoughts and ideas, or maybe start a new project and chronologically record it’s progress, I can do it here.

I will post my own documentation and tutorials here also. It is a way for me to have a record of everything I do and learn about when it comes to my Linux operating systems and web development journey.

I bet you’re wondering why I have a store on this site.

Well, that’s simple, I sell Website templates, WordPress Themes, and WordPress Plugins that I create (not only do I sell digital assets, I resell hardware on ocassion, also). These templates can be used for any website, project, or CMS. I am also in the business of creating custom web apps, login systems, and other database related content as well.

Simply put, the store makes it easy to sell all of my digital and physical assets as well as send invoices to clients for services rendered.

I am also a collector of Hot Wheels cars and, occasionally, I resell them through this website also.

Want to hire me?

I’d love to chat and speak with you if you have a project in mind! Just head over to my Contact Me page.

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