Contact Me

Below are a few ways that you can easily get into contact with me. I personally prefer PGP/GPG encrypted email communications. But I will accept all forms of contact listed below.


For now, you can email me at I prefer that you send a PGP/GPG encrypted email. For quick and easy solutions for sending and recieving encrypted email, Mac users can look here, and Windows users can look here. Oh, and make sure you download and import my GPG key.  You can find it at the bottom of this page. (If you’re on Linux or *BSD then I am going to assume you already know what to do).


If you don’t like email, that’s fine. I am on Telegram also! My Telegram group is @davidsrodriguezcom. Feel free to join it and you can contact me any time, day or night. For the one-on-one’s, my personal Telegram is @davidsrodriguez.

Signal (encrypted text messages)

For those that love encrypted communications as much as I do and have my phone number, you may have realized that I do not reply to regular text messages. But if you have Signal messenger, you can contact me via Signal and I will answer.


If you’re looking for my GPG key, you can download it here and save it to your computer / import it into your key-ring.

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